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~tildmusic®, a label and publishing company for unique music!

German producer Stefan Zintel presented his very own imprint tildmusic in 2006 as a publishing company for unique music!
Within the first years the label has build up a distinct label profile in todays soundart scene with a unique sound, a tildmusic sound!
Next to Zintel’s own tracks and collaborations, tildmusic will also release tracks that fit the versatile sound of the label, whether that be soundart or soundscapes - house or techno influenced.
Please send demos to - we only accept links not attachments.
Sorry, we can’t give feedback to all demos due to the amount of demos we receive every day.
~tildmusic releases are available in more than 200 countries worldwide!

Tildmusic Web Page Aug 1, 2013

Tildbros feat. Tilda Gold - Play With Me (Club Mix)